• Doxo Issues a Warning to All Users: they May Appreciate Paying Bills Now

  • Posted on December 14, 2018
  • With millions of users and nearly 50,000 unique billers in the doxo network, almost anyone can pay almost any bill and feel like they have regained control over their bill-paying experience. Part of that is because they can pay at home using their PC, or on the road, via their smart phone or tablet. Using doxo means you are no longer bound by creditors' often outdated billing systems, including some who will only take certain forms of payment. The leaders at doxo have worked to expand their network substantially, to include a wide range of industries. Companies have been joining the doxo network for years now, because they believe it is important to help customers pay bills.

    One warning, though; with doxo, you will no longer have to worry about safety and security. The doxo system starts protecting you from the very beginning. doxo has a login system that not only uses a username and password, but also a security question and image. Every stage of the login process appears on a new screen, which makes things far more difficult for hackers. The entire site features bank-level security throughout, as does the smartphone and tablet apps.

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